Vision: a poverty informed community working from a common framework to help people achieve prosperity.

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Prosperity Coaches Network

The Coaches Network helps provide support, networking opportunities, and resources for the social services sector who are helping many individuals and families who are experiencing poverty.

The Prosperity Coaches receive in-depth training in the dynamics of poverty in our community. They learn methods for enhancing outcomes when working with those who are struggling in the crisis of poverty.

Monthly Coaches meetings are scheduled for the second Monday of the month.

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Community Education

Poverty 101 Trainings

Monthly training is provided the first Wednesday of each month from 1pm to 3pm.

Learn about the dynamics of poverty, local statistics and how to help overcome barriers.

Register For Upcoming Training

Contact Jessica Olson, JTVF Program Associate at (605) 343-3141 to learn more about the Prosperity Initiative Coaches Network and Poverty 101 Trainings.

Timeline of the Prosperity Initiative

Dr. Donna Beegle came to Rapid City in 2014 to launch the Prosperity Initiative and train nearly 2,000 individuals on understanding poverty.

Catholic Social Services, in partnership with Love Inc., were chosen to lead the Prosperity Initiative with a 3-year grant provided by JTVF.

Three components of the Prosperity Initiative up and going in full swing:

  1. The Prosperity Coaches Network
  2. Pathways to Prosperity - A navigator/mentor program
  3. Community education training called Poverty 101 provided in the community

Another 3-year grant provided to Catholic Social Services in partnership with Love Inc., to continue the work of the Prosperity Initiative.

The Prosperity Coaches Network was evaluated to include a follow-up survey to assess poverty competency, poverty awareness, and integration of the Prosperity Initiative values. A strong majority of respondents indicated that the Prosperity Initiative Coaches Training influenced the way they approached their work.

A Program Evaluation initiated with Benchmark Data Labs to understand the impact of the Prosperity Initiative and incorporate lessons learned moving forward with the initiative.

Nearly 350 Prosperity Coaches have been trained from over 40 organizations to help people achieve prosperity.

Oversight of the Prosperity Initiative transitioned to the John T. Vucurevich Foundation as final grant concludes. The Prosperity Coaches Network and Community Education/Awareness efforts will continue.

JTVF thanks Catholic Social Services and Love Inc. for leading the Prosperity Initiative for the first 6 years. We have made great progress as a community, however there is still work to be done. In the next steps of the Prosperity Initiative JTVF is excited to continue this work with already established partners and developing new partners as our community strives to be a Poverty Informed Community.