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Creating an informed and compassionate community that understands poverty through a Different Lens.

The John T. Vucurevich Foundation believes that the most vulnerable in our community deserve equitable pathways out of poverty. Our grantmaking seeks not only to directly benefit these individuals, but also support their long-term economic mobility and self-sufficiency.

We know grantmaking is only part of the solution. The need for greater community understanding and collaboration underlines all the important work done by our grantees. Through our Different Lens Initiative, JTVF leverages its relationships, resources, and reputation, to provide fertile ground for systems change: an untangling of the programs, perspectives, and issues that create an environment that holds problems in place.

Foundation staff oversee Different Lens outreach efforts and maintain close connections with community partners involved in this work.

To learn more about our Different Lens initiative, visit our Different Lens website differentlens.org