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Vision: Creating an informed and compassionate community that understands poverty through a Different Lens.

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Different Lens Coaches Network

The Coaches Network helps provide support, networking opportunities, and resources for the social services sector who are helping many individuals and families who are experiencing poverty.

The Different Lens Coaches receive in-depth training in the dynamics of poverty in our community. They learn methods for enhancing outcomes when working with those who are struggling in the crisis of poverty.

Monthly Coaches meetings are scheduled for the second Monday of the month.

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Community Education

Poverty 101 Trainings

Monthly training is provided the first Wednesday of each month from 1pm to 3pm.

Learn about the dynamics of poverty, local statistics and how to help overcome barriers.

Register For Upcoming Training

Contact Jessica Olson, JTVF Program Associate at (605) 343-3141 to learn more about the Different Lens Coaches Network and Poverty 101 Trainings.