How To Apply

Step One – Determine if you are eligible to apply

If your answer is No to either of these questions you are not eligible to apply. Thank you for visiting our site.

If your answer is Yes to both questions, please proceed to Step Two.

Step Two – Submit a Letter of Inquiry

Letters of Inquiry are typically no more than 2-3 pages, but there is no page limit, spacing or font requirement. Keep your letter concise, but thorough. We do not respond to mass mailed fundraising form letters. The letter should be signed by an individual authorized to contract on behalf of your organization (example Executive Director or Board President). Letters of Inquiry should include the following content:

  • Summarize your organization’s mission and goals
  • Describe your proposal/project , the amount and purpose of the funding you are requesting.
  • Include the IRS Tax ID number and mailing address of the organization who would receive the funds, if awarded.
  • Include contact information of the person who can answer questions about the request (name, title, email address, phone number).

Submit your Letter of Inquiry by email or mail.

John T. Vucurevich Foundation
2800 Jackson Boulevard
Suite 410
Rapid City, SD 57702

Organizations are limited to one Letter of Inquiry per year. We respond as quickly as possible to all Letters of Inquiry and will provide direction on how to proceed at that time.  The entire process can take several months so consider this when submitting your Letter of Inquiry.  

Step Three – Grant Application

If your Letter of Inquiry is accepted, we will ask you to complete a grant application. Depending on the size or nature of the grant request and after careful review of the request, a site visit may be scheduled. Once the application has been reviewed by the Program Officer, the application will move forward to the Board of Directors for consideration at their next meeting. Board meetings are held quarterly. You will be prompty notified of acceptance or rejection of your grant application.